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Original story: Maze


By Marea67
: the usual horror clichés. Yes, this is a horrormovie-based story.
Rating: R
Summary: Some are lost in the maze, others are not.
Disclaimer: Sorry, but the characters are mine. I made them up. Any resemblance to real-life persons is strictly coincidental.


And the evening had started so nicely.... We had all gathered at this old sanatorium just on the outskirts of this small town, where we live. There were just 10 of us. We brought our own drinks and snacks. We had told each other of the horror-stories told about this place.
A place for the insane which got closed 15 years ago. It was only then, that they found out what horrors had happened behind those high walls and small and barred windows. Needless operations, solitary confinement, patients strapped for days, lying in their own dirt. Physical, mental and sexual abuse had been a normal routine in this place. Hell on Earth it had been called by those who could still tell the stories.
So, I considered the place to be rather creepy. I always loved bad horror-movies and this place was just the perfect set for such a movie. Dark, dusty rooms, a maze of corridors, eerie cellars and creaking doors. In certain rooms there was still furniture, like the room was still in use.
We, however, had decided to gather in the kitchen. And who was my company you wonder? Some of them are perfect examples of the narcissistic idiots who usually end up the first to get slaughtered in horror-movies. Not all of them were like that, naturally, or I would not have been with them tonight, but it was a bit the usual bunch of teenagers.
The fashion-bitches and the captain of the football-team (Rachel, Jane, Brad), their faithful followers (Evelyn, Tiffany, John, Philip), the 'accepted nerds' (Martin and me) and the dumb ass bully with the IQ lower than 10 (Rick)
Needless to say, the booze seemed to evaporate, until Rachel came up with the brilliant idea to go play hide and seek...
Note of advice, learned from horror-flicks, never ever split up in a spooky place....
But we did anyway. Jane was 'it' and started the count-down. I waited, around the corner, not very far away from her...
One after the other was found, including me... Except Brad... We called him, said that he had won... But he didn't show up... We all went our separate ways to search for him, calling out his name until Jane's scream, filled with horror, pierced through the air. We all gathered together in the kitchen, where we thought we heard Jane, but she was not there.
This is when Tiffany started to nag, that this just was not funny, although none of us was laughing at that moment. We split up again, in couples this time, I teamed up with Martin, until bloodcurdling screams made all of us return to the kitchen, where we found the slain Rachel and Rick.
It was unreal. Uber-bitch Rachel? Rick the Tank? How could anyone have murdered them? Rick was so strong and Rachel so swift....That's when fear kicked in and everyone started to watch each other with suspicion. Martin and I, less squeamish than the others placed the bodies on the large table and watched them.
Large knives, no doubt. Throats cut... No one doubted Martin's words, he was after all a med student, just like me ... Someone was killing off the members of our group. But why? Martin and I suggested we'd all leave and get help, but John was adamant about staying, saying we were warned now and that we needed to stay and kill the bastard who did this...
Reminding ourselves that Brad and Jane were still missing and could be the murderer(s) but also the victims, we decided to check the rooms for any sign of either of them. This time I teamed up with John, until we were all called back by Tiffany and Evelyn. In one of the executive chairs, they had found the body of Brad. His decapitated head was on the desk before him.
We all stared in horror, until someone asked me where John was. I answered that he was right behind me... until I realized... he wasn't. This time we did not split up. Instead we followed the corridor that John and I had taken until we found John, lifeless on the ground. Strangled.
Tiffany screamed and ran off followed by Philip and Evelyn... I took my knife and held it in my hand. No one would be rational anymore after this... I turned around the corner and I was face to face with Evelyn. She held an iron rod in her hands. I knew it would be her or me. I had no choice.
She started the first attack, but I was faster than her. My knife cut her arm and with a shriek she let go of the rod and became defenseless. My grip on my knife tightened and I stabbed her once, twice... A third time.... Soundless she sank to the ground and looked up at me.
Here it came. The usual question.
"Why?" She whispered, blood spilling all over her fingers. I stood there, a few steps away. This was the part where, in horror-movies, the murderer would start to hold endless monologues...
But I didn't really care to give one. Maybe because it was more fun to watch her die and not let her know why I killed her. I looked around. Still two more to go. I turned around at the sound behind me and Martin held up his hands.
"Only me." He said and I smiled. "Jane?" he asked.
"Garbage-chute, should be in the cellar by now.." I replied with a satisfied grin.
"Good. Let's go find Tiffany and Philip..." Of course, there's a good chance that they will now realize it's us, but that's the fun of the hunt...
What no one knows is that my brother Martin and I grew up within these walls. Our father was a doctor. Our mother a patient. And when our mother died, our father continued to raise us...
We lived in this sanatorium. We travelled the long hallways and heard the screams, saw the abuse, it was normal routine for us. Electro-shock were 'funny' to watch. We became desensitized to the pain of others... And now, we had two kids to chase though this maze of corridors.... No one will ever find them again.
That is when I heard the sobs and I found Tiffany.. She looked up at me, relief on her face that it was only me... until she saw Martin and his knife. I grabbed hold of her wrists and pushed her to the floor while Martin's knife sank into her body. She screamed, but it was too late....
One more to go...

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