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Original story: Frisbee


By Marea67
About: Tim and Dean
Rate: NC-17
Summary: What a lonely frisbee can accomplish....
Disclaimer: This story is, to my knowledge, not based on real events, all persons appearing in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

The frisbee hits Tim in the head and with a yelp of pain he gets up. Not that it really hurts, but, lying on his belly, reading a book, he had not seen it coming. He picks it up wondering where it came from. Probably from next door, where there's a party going on and he can hear laughter from the other side of the fence.
He gets up and walks towards the fence, when a head appears, glancing down on him.
“Oh, hi… See you got my frisbee.” The young man says. His blond hair, with dabs of fluorescent green and pink sticks in all directions and he has the most beautiful blue eyes Tim ever saw. And there is nothing wrong with that wonderful big smile either.
“Your frisbee got my head first.” Tim replies grumpily.
“Sorry about that. Come over here and let me kiss it to make it better.” The young man pouts, but there’s laughter in his eyes. Tim feels his cheeks burning. How could he guess…? Tim hasn’t told anyone yet. “Sorry.” The man now sounds slightly more serious. “I didn’t mean it. I’m just a bit giddy. Blame the tequila, please. If they give me too many of those my gaydar sort of short-circuits and I think all men are gay, like me… Sorry… Can I have my frisbee back?”
“Yeah, sure…” Tim’s heart beats faster as he approaches the fence.
He reaches out to hand it over and to his surprise the man takes his hand.
“I’m Dean, your next door neighbor.”
“Oh, you’re the new owner?”
“Yeah. Bought it two weeks ago, I have a housewarming party for my friends right now.”
“Nice… I’m Tim, by the way.” Tim now replies.
“Nice to meet you…. Hey, listen, why don’t you join us? We have a barbecue and enough to drink... Bring your girl-friend too, if you want.”
“I don’t have a girl-friend.” Tim says.
“Oh, fine with me too. Come on…. I promise, I won’t kiss you.” Dean teases.
“Sorry to hear that….” Tim replies, now his first shock has passed and he feels more confident again..
“Oooh, hun, give me some tequila and we’ll discuss it.” Dean winks.


The party is in full swing. Dean has a variety of friends and the drinks loosens Dean’s tongue and Tim quickly finds out more about him. Dean is celebrating his twenty-first birthday today, which makes him 3 years older than Tim, who became 18 only last month, but Dean has the relentless energy of a 7-year old.
He is obviously openly gay… out, proud and loud. He introduces Tim to his two friends, John and Rick, the co-owners of the house, they are gay as well, and they are a couple. They are the friendliest people Tim has ever met and soon enough he feels completely comfortable with them.
And as the evening progresses, and others join the party, Dean’s serious introduction of “My new neighbor” turns into a giggly, joking “My new boy-friend, wha’da’yathink?”. John and Rick play along, acting like Tim is Dean’s boyfriend and slowly even Tim starts to pretend he is.
Tim thanks his lucky stars that his parents aren’t here this weekend, so no one looks after his curfew. So he laughs along, drinks too much and he ends up dancing with Dean as the party comes to an end. He is pressed up close to Dean’s body, he doesn’t want to let go.
The alcohol makes him over-confident, so when Dean’s hands slip under his shirt to caress his back, he offers his mouth to the kisses that Dean gives him, no longer shy to reveal that he’s gay too. Dean smiles, and they dance away from the others, ending up on the grass, Tim underneath Dean, when Dean slips over something in the grass..
They laugh out loud, completely intoxicated and totally frivolous.
“I…. I really like you….” Dean says, unstably trying to point his finger at Tim.
“Perrrrfect, cause… I kinda…. I kinda like you too….” Tim giggles.
“Hee! What a birthday-gift. I got someone who… likes me.”
“If I had known that it was your birthday, I would have brought you something.”
“You brought yourself… and I think… I’m falling for you.” Dean says, suddenly terribly sober. In the pale moon-light he sees the little blush on Tim’s cheeks. He knows by now that Tim is gay, but not out.
“I think…” Tim says, then he swallows hard. “I think I wouldn’t mind if you would… kiss me?” The suggestion is a hesitant one. His eyes are big with fear, expecting to be turned down, hoping to be accepted.
“Oh, Tim.” Dean moans and Tim’s lips part as Dean starts to kiss him.
“Does this mean…” Dean starts.“… that I can unwrap my gift?... I want to see you naked.” Tim nods, speechless, as Dean starts to lift up his t-shirt and he, for the first time, feels another man’s hands explore his body. It feels so good to be touched by Dean’s gentle hands.
Eventually Dean’s hand slips in his pants to take hold of his hard cock and soon enough the pants end up next to Tim’s body, exposing Tim’s swollen erection and Tim moans as Dean’s mouth closes around it. Every sensation is new, fresh and sensational. The sucking motion drives him closer and closer to his climax.
“Dean….” He moans, but Dean’s finger slips inside him. Tim wonders vaguely where the lube came from, but he cannot think about it for too long, because a second finger joins the first. The pressure inside Tim’s virgin body is heightening. Tim whimpers and moves erratically.
“Shhh, baby, don’t worry, I’ll never hurt you… I promise.” Dean coos, adding a third finger and Tim lets out a little sound of pain, immediately muffled by Dean’s mouth on his. Tim relaxes and starts to anticipate the probing fingers, moving up against them, but the alcohol is also taking effect, relaxing him, making the world spin around him.
By the time Dean removes his fingers and replaces it with his hard erection, slick because of the condom, the world is a hazy blur where Tim is concerned. He reacts on the impulses given to his body, above all the thrusts that reach deep inside of him and the fingers that slide over his belly, keeping him thoroughly aroused.
Above him Dean’s breathing goes faster, somewhere deep inside Tim a tidal-wave starts to build, all his blood seems to flow one direction, the world spins, he can see the stars in the sky as Dean thrust deeper into him than he imagined possible. His orgasm hits him full force and Dean follows him over the edge.
And in the moonlight no one can see the frisbee, lying in the grass. The one that hit Tim in the head, the one that gave Tim and Dean a reason to say hello to each other. The frisbee that made Dean slip tonight, so he would fall in the grass, covering Tim’s body. But that is irrelevant. It served its purpose.


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